On May 28, 2019, a special Council meeting was held as preparation for the incoming World Day Against Trafficking (WDAT) on the 30th of July this year. A series of activities will be conducted as part of the week-long celebration.

The following are the proposed activities and events:

  1. LGUs and Youth Roadshow on Anti-Trafficking in Persons (July 8,- 12);
  2. Forum and Commitment Signing – TourISM WoRCS (July 25);
  3. Launching of Referral System and Press event (July 29);
  4. Launching of the new IACAT infomercials and poster (July 30);
  5. The ceremonial turnover of VIDI kits, Transitional CFS toolkits, posters, stickers and Documentary Screening (July 30);
  6. Regional WDAT celebration on Regions I, VI, VII, IX, and XI (July 30); and
  7. Launching of the #WeToo Campaign (July 31).

After the special Council meeting, several technical working group meetings between member agencies will be conducted for the preparations and finalization of details of each event.