A memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the Inter-Agency Council Against
Trafficking (IACAT) and the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) was signed to
strengthen their cooperation and coordination in the investigation and prosecution of
money laundering and trafficking in persons. The MOA signing was held through Zoom
last June 14, 2022.

IACAT was represented by Chief State Counsel George O. Ortha, together with
Atty. Yvette Coronel and Atty. Mary Grace Quintana. On the other hand, present on
AMLC’s side were Atty. Mel Racela, Atty. Matthew David, Atty. Emmett Manatan, Atty.
Richard Chan, Atty. Allan Azcueta, and Atty. Anthony Morales.

Under the agreement, the parties shall provide assistance in the investigation
and prosecution of money laundering involving trafficking in persons. Specifically, the
parties are mandated in partnering in exchange of information and planning of capacity
building activities to enhance the office of both parties in the implementation of this
MOA. This agreement authorizes IACAT and AMLC to exchange information that are
vital to the investigation and prosecution of these crimes. Other than that, it aims to
provide joint training to ensure the inter-operability of their respective personnel.

Chief Ortha assured the partners from AMLC that the IACAT will be compliant to
all the provisions of this agreement. “As we approach a new administration, we, at the
IACAT, would like to see continuation of our joint efforts for building a long-term and
strategic partnership between AMLC and IACAT. We see this as a momentous event

that would truly intensify our efforts in combatting money laundering and trafficking,
though stem from different acts – are still connected.” He ended.